Use of Bangles in India and Pakistan

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The bangles are a decorative ornament that women across India-Pakistan have been wearing for centuries. In fact, the bangles have a great socio-cultural-religious significance in Indian and Pakistan history and culture. This is because literature has glorified this ornament to make it the epitome of feminine grace.

Besides all this, bangles have a very traditional value in Hinduism. As it is considered inauspicious to be bare armed, Hindu married women are always wearing some bangles around their wrists. Today, the modern day women may not wear bangles with their daily attire, but only on occasions and festivals. This is because to them, bangles have a very sentimental value. In fact, to the Hindu woman, bangle is not only an ornament, but also an important part of womanhood and honor.

Bangles are made of many materials including plastic, glass, metal, kundan, lac, beads, black metal, silver and even gold. They are found in different colors, designs and different shapes too. Of course, the most durable of these bangles is the gold bangle, and the least durable, glass bangles. This is why many women prefer wearing gold bangles for day to day life and glass bangles for special occasions.

There are different ceremonies connected with bangles in India. In the south, Valaikaappu is a ceremony that is performed in the seventh month of pregnancy. This is when a woman is adorned in the family way, using bangles. Glass bangles of all colors and varieties are stacked on the woman’s wrists on this function. Once this ceremony is complete, the woman goes to her mother’s place for delivery.

In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the bride’s mother has to gift the bride a pair of ivory bangles. It is only on wearing these ivory bangles that the bridal couple can perform the ‘saptapati’; without the bangles, this ritual cannot be performed. (The saptapati is the seven steps that are taken around the fire, without which no Hindu marriage is considered complete).
Married women in Bengal have to wear the iron ‘kada’ (bangle) or ‘loha’ as it is commonly called, to signify marriage. In addition to this kada, the bride is presented with white conch bangles that are beautifully crafted and red lac bangles.

Vizag is an area in India that has a close association with bangles. This is because Makavanipalem, a small village near Narsipatnam is a place that was once bustling with bangle making, enticing skilled workers from all over India. Though this business had stalled momentarily, today bangle business runs briskly in all stores of Vizag. You find a great volume of business in a variety of bangles being conducted here everyday.

Shravanamasam is the Hindu month that falls between August and September and is the month where maximum Hindu festivities are conducted. This is also the month that sees maximum sales in bangles all over India. So it can be seen that bangles have been, and will always have an important part in the lives of Hindu women. It is a symbol of their feminity, tradition and pride for being a Hindu woman.


Christian Evangelism Through Bangles and Baubles

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Christians are finding new ways to evangelize.

It started out with bumper stickers. Then Christian T-Shirts. Christians, fed up with a society in which people were expressing raunchy ideas and immoral lifestyles, decided that since the world was so blatant in its lifestyle believes, Christians could use the same tactics to tell others of their faith.

So now they’re sharing Christ with the bangles and baubles they wear. Christian jewelry is a hot new trend. Just visit any mall or do a search online and you’ll find that attractive, unique and fashionable Christian jewelry is all the rage.

These new methods are part of the evangelism lifestyle. A lot of Christians have been wearing their witness by wearing Christian clothing, but today, many Christians are choosing to express their Faith by wearing Christian jewelry.

The idea of evangelism and expressing your Faith to attract others to the Lord can be found in the Bible, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” 2 Cor. 5:20

God uses us to spread His word. Being a good witness means that you will talk to others about Christianity, it means that you must be willing to make the walk across the room to talk about the Lord. For those of us who are shy, or like an icebreaker, Christian jewelry can be the bridge.

Christian jewelry is so attractive that it will literally start conversations and provide a perfect opportunity for you to share what God’s love means to you.

There is a whole new genre of faith gear that is Christian jewelry. This jewelry has original designs depicting Bible scenes, Bible verses, and Christian symbols like the cross and the Jesus fish (Ichthus). These symbols, scenes and versus are showing up on Christian rings, necklaces, bracelets, necklace pendants, earrings, and even sunglasses.

There is Christian jewelry for everyone. Teenaged guys love the Christian dog tags, leather or macramé necklaces and bracelets. There are also Maltese cross rings that look very cool.

Teenage girls have lots to choose from. There are matching sets of Christian earrings and bracelets. The charm bracelets are a favorite accessory.

Both guys and girls are fans of the True Love Waits wrist band. The wristband is red and is made of the same materials as the wristband Lance Armstrong made famous with his “Live Strong” message.

There are also great designs for adults. The spinner rings are very stylish and the middle part of the ring spins with a Christian message. There are also many other different styles of rings for both men and women.

Christian belt buckles look great. They are especially popular for guys who have more of a “biker’s” style. These feature large Maltese crosses with messages like “Christ for Life.”

One of the favorites in Christian jewelry is the Purity Ring. These rings are often given from parents to their children, to kids from a youth group, or given as a symbol between couples that they will remain pure until marriage. Purity rings will have messages like “True Love Waits” or a similar Christian message.

When choosing to wear Christian jewelry, it is important to be open to the Holy Spirit. You will find opportunities to tell others about the Lord. Do not be afraid to share your Faith or to invite someone to join you to Church with you.

Who Put the “Bangle” in Bangle Bracelets?

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A Slip On The Wrist

From earliest history, very likely, a bangle bracelet was the first fashion statement in jewelry. Shaping a bracelet that hung loosely from the wrist was a simple matter of how the material was cut or shaped. Primitive materials might even have been dinosaur bone or whatever malleable stone was available. One might suppose the name “bangle” originated as a result of the fact that unlike flexible bracelets, more solid circular bangles made a “bang” sound whenever they dangled against surfaces with normal wrist movement. Or, it might have been a combination of two words: bracelet and dangle; Hence, the name “bangle”.

Whatever the origin, today’s bracelets may be created from gold, silver, pewter, copper or platinum. Many are designed with inlaid gems like diamonds or semi-precious stones. Some are wide like a cuff or narrow and thin like a thread. The bangle bracelet never goes out of fashion. Women love to wear them because they slip easily over the wrist and look great with casual or formal wear.

Bangle bracelets in the Middle Ages were worn by Roma women, also known as Gypsies. They would choose gold or silver or hammered metal for their bangle bracelets and often wore several at a time. Prior to that, in Egyptian culture, men and women wore them higher on the arm like a cuff. The artistic designs of antique bangle jewelry makes them highly prized by collectors of antiquity. Artisans who design beautiful pieces of jewelry inevitably create bracelets because they remain a popular fashion piece in a jewelry wardrobe.

Casual or Formal, A Bracelet For Any Occasion

Bangle bracelets suit any style apparel from casual to formal and can create a look from understated elegance to lively and sporty. With more formal attire, wear a bangle bracelet with a narrow band of gold or silver or one containing encrusted diamonds or other eye-catching jewels. For sporty apparel, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bangle bracelets. Wear one or as many as a you prefer or in colors to match or contrast a sporty ensemble.

The One Piece Of Jewelry That’s Difficult To Lose

One of the most frustrating things that happens too often with jewelry, particularly the expensive kind is invariably it can get lost or broken. Bangle bracelets are usually cut in the iconic circle shape and do not require a clasp or any chain to secure it. Also, it slips on and off. That’s it. That’s all there is to wearing one.

These bracelets are so popular that they make memorable gifts. Precious metal bracelets can be engraved with a birth, anniversary or other special date. In fact, a tiny bangle bracelet is often the first gift an infant receives at birth. Jewelers carry these in stock as a regular part of their jewelry collection. As infant gifts, they are a good way to provide child identification.

Designing Your Bangles

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Women have always been fascinated by the world of beautiful bangles. In fact, it is considered that a woman’s dress is incomplete without any bangles. However there are occasions when you just don’t seem to get the right ones for your attire, in such situations, it is better to follow these tips in designing your own bangles.

Beaded bangles are basically the easiest ones to make. All you have to do is to collect thin aluminum, plastic or steel wire, beads to your choice, colorful, glossy pages of magazines and glue stick.

Then take a few pages of the magazine to match the beads, and then cut into small pieces. Make tubes of these cuttings, and stick with glue. This has to be added to the chosen wire with the beads.

Silver bangles are better for making glitter bangles

If you had used a plastic wire, then the ends have to be heated to glue them together after filling it with beads and tubes. And if you have used some other wire, make a loop at its ends, and close the wire using beads. Remember to keep these bangles away from water.

If you want to make glitter bangles, you have to collect silver bangles, glitter and hot glue stick of your choice. The hot glue has to be placed around the bangle, and its edges after which the bangles have to be dipped in glitter. Dry the bangles for a minimum of 5 hours, and then just wear the bangles with your matching attire.

Toothbrushes make designer bangles

Another interesting designer bangle is toothbrush bracelets. You need cheap and clear plastic toothbrushes with uniform width, hot water, needle nosed pliers, glass pieces and glass jar of the diameter of your bangle.

Dip the brush into hot water for about five minutes, and then take it out and bend it around the glass jar. At the same time, glass pieces have to be stuck to the warm plastic. Then the brush has to be removed, and put into ice water and wear after ten minutes.

It is also possible to design glitter bangles with bangles from the store. Any type of bangle is okay, but silver ones are preferable as they have a reflective surface. Hot glue has to be placed around the edges of the bangles after which the bangles have to be dipped in glitter.

This is done better by placing the glitter on a flat surface and designed as required. Leave the bangle aside to dry and then wear with your matching clothes.

Using the Vagina to Milk the Penis – Milk Your Man to Ecstasy!

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This is the hottest sexual move out there, hands down. No sex toy on planet earth can produce the kind of pleasure that you can by simply using your strengthened vaginal muscles to make him explode. Once you do this to your man one time, he’ll be begging you to do it each and every night.

Milking The Penis

Milking the penis is a skill that, when done correctly, will satisfy your man every time. And if you know how to do it correctly, he’ll never be satisfied by any other woman. The pleasure is that heavenly. You can milk him when you are having regular intercourse, or he can enter you and stop. You then proceed to use your muscles to milk him until he loses his mind. It really is possible, and it will only take about a week to get vaginal muscles strong enough to truly be effective.

→ Strengthening your vaginal muscles is not difficult, but you must have a solid set of instructions. Stimulating your vaginal muscles requires that you target the right muscles and do not flex other parts of your body, such as your butt. When done correctly, however, you will get stronger in about a week. And when done regularly, you will get extremely strong vaginal muscles in about a month. This is ideal for truly making your man lose his mind with your ability to milk him.

There isn’t a sex toy on earth that can bring as much pleasure as your own love muscles. Not to mention, when you tighten your vagina, you are also strengthening the rest of the muscles in your pelvic floor. These are the muscles that are responsible for supporting your uterus and urethra. Doing so will ensure that you don’t suffer from other pelvic floor related diseases.

Popular Ladies Replica Watch

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To be sure that girls get played out the most crucial position in the market, in most cases, ladies love gorgeous things much better than adult men. Women will pay out considerable time as well as electricity to make them look more gorgeous. You’ll find thousands of marketplaces that are targeted on ladies customers, such as aesthetic, headgear, hairdressing, clutches, and garments and so on. Girls would be the primary consumers of the markets. A lot of women are more and more concern about the images of them. They are going to start being active and wear many beautiful accessories to make them appear wise and elegant. The best accent could fairly suggest your own reputation and flavor. Watch is such a nice accessory, more and more people prefer to acquiring watches. For ladies, the right watch can instruct the woman’s beauty as well as character.

It is no doubt in which most of us really like genuine well-known watches. But those watches are extremely pricey. Because the majority of us aren’t very rich, it is rather tough for most of us to get an authentic watch. An authentic renowned watch might cost lots of money. We can certainly not acquire funds simply, thus we all can not afford a genuine a single. We ought to thanks for the beginning associated with reproduction watches; they might permit you then have an experience of sporting luxury watches. Increasingly more style females replica watches have been created nowadays. There are many sophisticated and also remarkable women replica watches using ornate pattern and quality. These types of watches are as much as the most recent trend development. Donning generally there replica watches will make females appear more sophisticated along with beautiful.

There are a few variances among females’ watches and adult men watches. For ladies watches, the straps might be gentler as well as attractive. Ladies can make different varieties of shoulder straps to fit using their pores and skin. The materials of straps are generally ranges, for instance gentle material, nylon material, buckskin and so on. Flowery watch straps can indicate girl’s classiness completely. The surface regarding ladies watch seems distinctive from guys’ watches. Ladies watches are often furnished using precious stone, dark red as well as pearl. These styles are likely to make women watch vibrantly.

There are so many wonderful replica watches for ladies today. It’s high time for girls to purchase reproduction watches to express themselves. You can have a stunning replica watch without having to pay excessive.

Funky Designer Jewelry – Make it Your Own Style

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Funky designer jewelry can be purchased from a department store, online store, eBay or you can even make your own. People who are drawn to funky jewelry are the people who like to be unique. Funky jewelry is noticeable, quirky, stylish, colorful, exotic. The type of jewelry you wear is reflective of your personality.

Dressed to the nines may not be enough if you don’t complete your outfit with just the right accessories. Jewelry is the ornament on the tree, it captures and reflects light and makes you look dazzling. It’s a good idea to have as many interchangeable pieces as you can, with an eye toward matching and complimenting your current wardrobe. If you are fond of wearing browns and tans, brown leather cording and coordinating pendants look quite nice. If you like blacks, silver is exceptionally pretty.

Funky Designer Jewelry: The Bangles

Bangle bracelets have become more and more popular throughout the years. They might be in the form of many thin bracelets jangling together on your wrist, or they might be one big heavy thick bracelet. Depending on the outfit, both are perfectly acceptable and fashionable. Some bangles are so thick and large they are referred to as “cuffs” because they are nearly the size of a cuff on a shirt. These tend to be quite ornate, studded with amazing stones and perfect with a sleeveless or halter dress.

You can find bangle bracelets made of nearly every material, and of course, in the traditional sterling silver and gold. They can also be made of velvet, wood, porcelain and nearly anything that can be affixed to a basic plastic bangle (like small felt flowers, ribbons, etc).

Funky Designer Jewelry: Pendant Necklaces

Nothing says “Look at me!” more than a gorgeous pendant necklace. In days past, a pendant necklace would be the focal point of the necklace. But now, with variations creeping up in all the designers fashions, even the necklace portion itself may be adorned with beads, charms or various crystals.

Pendant necklaces, when worn with no other jewelry, can make a statement for you without you even saying a word. Choose your pendants wisely, again, base it on what catches your eye, what speaks to you, like your birthstone, your favorite gem, your favorite color, or a combination of all three that truly is funky.

Funky Designer Jewelry: Earrings

Earrings may be the boldest of all funky designs to wear because being closest to your face they are the most noticeable. Many earring designs relate to certain holidays. Black cats, pumpkins and candy corn for Halloween. Christmas trees, tiny wrapped presents and candy canes for Christmas. If celebrating the holidays via your ears is not your style, you can purchase or make your own earrings in the shapes of hearts, flowers or any number of interesting designs. Funky earrings usually take on many different elements of color and material. Metal combined with crystal, high quality plastic combined with wood.

Funky jewelry is a fun way to convey your personality to the rest of the world. Stock up when you spot sales, as it’s also fun to mix and match pieces and to make them into truly your own style.

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