A Slip On The Wrist From earliest history, very likely, a bangle bracelet was the first fashion statement in jewelry. Shaping a bracelet that hung loosely from the wrist was a simple matter of how the material was cut or shaped. Primitive materials might even have been dinosaur bone or whatever malleable stone was available. One might suppose the name “bangle” originated as a result of the fact that unlike flexible bracelets, more solid circular bangles made a “bang” sound whenever they dangled against surfaces with normal wrist movement. Or, it might have been a combination of two words: bracelet and dangle; Hence, the name “bangle”. Whatever the origin, today’s bracelets may be created from gold, silver, pewter, copper or platinum. Many are designed with inlaid gems like diamonds or semi-precious stones. Some are wide like a cuff or narrow and thin like a thread. The bangle bracelet never goes out of fashion. Women love to wear them because they slip easily over the wrist and look great with casual or formal wear. Bangle bracelets in the Middle Ages were worn by Roma women, also known as Gypsies. They would choose gold or silver or hammered metal for their bangle bracelets and often wore several at a time. Prior to that, in Egyptian culture, men and women wore them higher on the arm like a cuff. The artistic designs of antique bangle jewelry makes them highly prized by collectors of antiquity. Artisans who design beautiful pieces of jewelry inevitably create bracelets because they remain a popular fashion piece in a jewelry wardrobe. Casual or Formal, A Bracelet For Any Occasion Bangle bracelets suit any style apparel from casual to formal and can create a look from understated elegance to lively and sporty. With more formal attire, wear a bangle bracelet with a narrow band of gold or silver or one containing encrusted diamonds or other eye-catching jewels. For sporty apparel, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bangle bracelets. Wear one or as many as a you prefer or in colors to match or contrast a sporty ensemble. The One Piece Of Jewelry That’s Difficult To Lose One of the most frustrating things that happens too often with jewelry, particularly the expensive kind is invariably it can get lost or broken. Bangle bracelets are usually cut in the iconic circle shape and do not require a clasp or any chain to secure it. Also, it slips on and off. That’s it. That’s all there is to wearing one. These bracelets are so popular that they make memorable gifts. Precious metal bracelets can be engraved with a birth, anniversary or other special date. In fact, a tiny bangle bracelet is often the first gift an infant receives at birth. Jewelers carry these in stock as a regular part of their jewelry collection. As infant gifts, they are a good way to provide child identification.